The name of Lieutenant Fetta Vefayev was immortalized in the Kirovsky district of the Leningrad reg

The name of junior lieutenant Fetta Vefayev was immortalized on May 9, 2021 at a fraternal military burial in the Leningrad region. However, before that, the granddaughter of the front-line soldier, Susanna Aliyeva, had been looking for her grandfather for 5 years, who disappeared in the Second World War. She managed to find out about the fate of Fetta. It turned out that he went to the front in 1941 as a common soldier. And a year later he became a lieutenant and commanded first a platoon, and then a regiment of the 147th rifle division. Fetta Vefayev was seriously wounded near Leningrad and died in a hospital in 1943. And only 78 years later, through the efforts and perseverance of his granddaughter, the name of the front-line soldier appeared on the collective grave. And her search began with one photograph with an inscription made by his grandfather’s hand.