The Qarasuvbazar – Uskut Road Is The Most Dangerous And Beautiful In Crimea

“Here it involuntarily becomes clear why, before his death, the Uskut Tatar bequeaths to his heirs to spend this or that amount on repairing the Qarasuvbazar road in the name of saving his dying soul. How many people and livestock have suffered on this road? How many goods are spoiled?” wrote the author of the book “Tuak and Uskut: Economic Characteristics of Tatar Villages” A. Neruchev in 1903. Since then, little has changed. The road Qarasuvbazar — Uskut (Belogorsk — Privetnoye), passing through the Kok-Asan (or Alikot-Bogaz) pass, is still considered the most dangerous, but at the same time the most beautiful one in Crimea.