The Five Crimean Capes that offer us stunning views

Is there anything better in the world than standing on the edge of the Earth and looking at the sea? Feel a salty taste in the air and admire vast blue expanses… In Crimea, it is possible to do this constantly- our peninsula possesses truly magnificent sea headlands with steep drops that extend out into a body of water. Be sure to take time to visit these places. Why not this very weekend?!


Aya is a cape on the Southern coast of Crimea, near Balaklava. Some researchers believe that the Cape AYA is that very legendary Roche moutonnée, or Sheepback which ancient Greek and Roman geographers thought to be the main landmark for ancient sailors to reach  the Crimean coast. At the Cape’s top, there exist a huge funnel, where one can see a picturesque coating of huge stones. There are beautiful grottos with azure waters at the base of Aya. To the East of the Cape Laspinskaya Bay is located which presents one of the most pictorial bays in Crimea.

mis_aiya42 mis_aya-1


The Chameleon is one of the most unusual places in Crimea – the cape, which radically changes its colour depending on the weather and the time of the day. It is located near Koktebel.  The Cape Chameleon consists of clay shales, which reflect light differently. It is worth to mention that the cape also is located between two bays   separating them so that the water in  the bays reflect different colors.

hameleon hameleon1


This Cape located in the South of Crimea is famous for its Swallow’s Nest, the most recognizable landmark in Crimea that adorns more than one postcard. The Cape Ai-Todor consists of three Rocky Spurs, forming a mountain range almost inaccessible from the sea side. On the utmost Southern spur of the Cape the Ai-Todor lighthouse is placed, which is still in effect. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Black Sea region.

aj-todor (1) aj-todorr


The endless expanses of steppes and amazing beauty of the sea — such an unusual combination can be found in the West of Crimea. The Tarkhankut Cape is a popular place for scuba diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing. From April to October the sun shines here brightly, and the water in July-August warms up to +28° C. There is no a river nearby, so the water is as clear as crystal. This allows holding here competitions, even in underwater photography.

Atlesh-Tarhankut-e1451258721486 тарханкут


For many people, Kazantip is only associated with the Festival known under the same title, which used to be held earlier here, on the Cape of Kazantip. This Cape juts out into the sea, and it is the Northern end of the peninsula. The water temperature in the area of Kazantip rises rapidly in March, and in May it already reaches 18° C, so you can start your swimming season a month earlier than in other places of the peninsula. Summer water temperature in the coastline reaches 32° C.

kazantip kazantipp