Residents of Aqmescit are afraid to drive along the Mirnoye-Dubki bypass road

Residents of Aqmescit fear a new collapse on the Mirnoye-Dubki bypass road, where a terrible tragedy occurred 6 years ago, as a result of which 6 people died. Then a section of the road collapsed, a huge crater formed on the highway — 8 meters deep and 6 meters in diameter. On the night of September 28, 2014, a car with 8 people fell into this hole. As it turned out, there was a tunnel under this section of the road. However, the road designers did not take this into account. The tunnel was filled up, the road was repaired and after 10 months the traffic on the bypass was reopened. However, today this section of the road has subsided again, and cracks have appeared on the asphalt.