One student was diagnosed with Coronovirus in one of the schools

In Crimea, one case of coronavirus infection was found among students of the Feodosiya school No 13. One of the sixth grade students was diagnosed with coronavirus. The child was taken to the hospital with a high fever. Analysis for COVID-19 was confirmed. In accordance with the order of Rospotrebnadzor, 26 students were suspended from attending classes. The teachers who taught in this class were also suspended. The studying is carried out in a distance format. Nataliya Gumennaya, head of the education department of the Feodosiya administration, spoke about this. According to her, this is the first case of coronavirus among students in Feodosiya. Earlier it became known that in Crimea, 46 classes in 21 secondary schools were closed for coronavirus quarantine. Children are shifted to distance learning. Moreover, most of the closed classrooms are located in Simferopol.