Armyansk, a year later

A year ago, on the night of August 24 in the North of Crimea in the city of Armyansk, there was a real environmental disaster — the release of sulfur dioxide. The citizens had swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes, skin irritation. School-age children were evacuated from the city for 2 weeks. Later, after the next release, the emergency mode was introduced. The Crimean authorities named the reason for the state of emergency the drying out of acid accumulators of the plant «Crimean Titan» because of the dry summer and the cessation of water supply to the North Crimean Canal. The Crimean Arbitration Court ordered the «Crimean Titan» to pay almost 736.9 million rubles to the budget. How does Armyansk live a year later? Do the residents feel the consequences of the incident or has it already been forgotten?