15 year old Akhtem Gafarov needs urgent help

On August 31 in the village of Suin-Adzhi (Denisovka) of the Aqmescit region, a misfortune struck: under unclear circumstances, 15-year-old Akhtem Gafarov received burns of 50% of his body. Now the young man is in the city hospital No. 6 of the Crimean capital in a critical but serious condition. You can support the Gafarov family using the requisites: RNKB: 2200 0202 2368 9037 (Gafarov Akhtem Osmanovich) Any blood type is needed. The blood recovery at the blood transfusion station in Simferopol Прием: с 8.00 до 13.00. Reception: from 8.00 to 13.00. To be specified: for Gafarov Akhtem. No 6 city hospital. Burn department. Resuscitation. Transfer the received document to Akhtem’s mother. Ekaterina — Akhtem’s mother: +7 (978) 996 75 44