Five things that parents should give to their children

Perception of the world is formed in our childhood. Speaking metaphorically, since the birth of a human being, us, the Universe presents people with the glasses through which we would look at the world in our life. And, of course, the role of parents in this process is huge. In the course of time, there certainly will be some corrections, adjustments. There will only be changes in colours we add to the gamut of our life. But the main idea, the core itself, will stay with us. This is the base which will support us the whole our lives. These are the values, the basic knowledge that our parents gave us.


Value N 1. The language.

The problem of mother tongue stands badly in almost every Crimean Tatar family. But this issue has never been a priority for us. Actually, that’s why we’re writing this column in Russian, and you read it and understand everything correctly. Yes, now, to give your child the Crimean Tatar language at a high level, you need to speak it yourself. What does this mean? It’s time to learn! There are a thousand and one opportunity to learn how to be fluent in you native language: courses, tutorials, any kind of literature. Find some time and learn!


Value N 2. Religion.

Islam in our lives often ends up somewhere on the level of K″ul′huvallah and phrases Allag″a shukur (Thanks to God) and Allah k″ysmet ètse (by Wish of God). It is Ok. Excellent. . But at the core of Islam are the most important human values that subsequently form the fundamental human principles in each of us. By using the correct understanding of Islam, your child will never be lost in this life.


Value No. 3. History. 

Each of us at some point wonder: who am I? We should tell our child about the blood that flows in our veins, who we are, long before he/she takes an interest in foreign peoples and their cultures. History of the Crimean Tatars is full of victories, greatness, and tragedy. Each of us should know more about it. We should know what blood flows in our veins, what symbiosis of ethnicities gave the bases to the emergence of our people. Then a child will understand for sure who he/she is. It will make it easier for children to be acquainted with other people, to find a common language to understand other people. In this case, the development of children will take place without succumbing to the process of assimilation.


Value №4. Traditions

The preservation of traditions — it is like a box with the values that are being passed from generation to generation. And we, in our own turn, accumulating our diamonds for centuries, should pass them over to our children by inheritance. The beauty and symbolism of Crimean Tatar traditions keep the centuries-old history of our people. How can we keep silent?  How not to tell the truth? How not to share it?

Value   5. Love.

Certainly, all of the listed above is very important. However, there is one thing that above all and covers everything. It is love. If your child feels that he is loved, he will be healthy in the first place. Our House is our wharf, our fortress, our world where all our hardships end, and love and care begin. This is why we are eager all the time to come back to our Land, our House.


Well, yes, perhaps, our parents, because of their hardships, have not been able to give us  as much as they wanted and  as much as we needed. But they have given us the most important thing:  their love and the opportunity to live in our own Motherland. And what we are going to  give to our children – now depends on us.