Ebulmukhsin Ablyamitov found Crimea without Crimean Tatars

Ebulmukhsin Ablyamitov was not deported. During the occupation of Crimea, the Germans sent him to work in Austria. After liberation by Soviet troops, he served in the labor army, where he was left even after the order to evict the Crimean Tatars who were in the service. In 1949, Ebulmukhsin Ablyamitov was even lucky enough to visit Crimea, where there were no longer any Crimean Tatars. After demobilization, Ebulmukhsin-aga went to his family in the Mari Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, from where he later moved to Tajikistan, and in 1991 he returned to Crimea. Now Ebulmukhsin Ablyamitov is 94 years old.