What Dishes Did The Steppe Crimean Tatars Serve At The Festive Table In The Old Days?

We have already told you about the food of our South Coast ancestors. Now let’s find out how the steppe Crimean Tatars ate in the old days. This is how one of the festive dinners in the now disappeared village of Sedzheut, which was located in the steppe part of Crimea, was described by a Swiss of French origin, naturalist and traveler Frederic Dubois de Montperreux, who visited Crimea in 1831-1834. Based on materials from the book by Frederic Dubois de Montperreux “Journey through the Caucasus, to the Circassians and Abkhazians, to Colchis, to Gousia, Armenia and Crimea.” (Translation from French by T. M. Fadeeva).