Five most beautiful palaces of Crimea

Among the most popular tourist destinations in Crimea are its palaces and castles — the art witnesses of the bygone ages. Some of them impress us with their amazing architecture, others —  with their centuries-old history. Possibly, there are still palaces in peninsula you still have not seen.

Well, a weekend trip is a wonderful opportunity to fill in the gap.

  1. The Khan Palace, Bakhchisaray

The pride of Crimea is its famous Khan Palace, ancient home of the Crimean Khans.

It is a monument of history and culture of global significance, the world’s only example of the Crimean Tatar palace architecture. The main architectural idea is the embodiment of the Muslim view of the garden of paradise on the Earth.  The construction of the town itself began the same time as the erection of the Palace. The most ancient buildings in the palace complex are the great Khan Mosque and the Bath of Sary-Gjuzel dating back to 1532. The Khan’s Palace is one of the most popular places to visit not only for tourists, but also for local enthusiasts. There is nothing more uplifting than a stroll through the garden, where a few centuries ago.

Crimean historical rulers would walk.

hanskij hanskij1 Hanskij-eto-slajd

  1. Massandra Palace, Yalta

Massandra Palace of Emperor Alexander II is located in an urban-type settlement of Massandra.  The construction that looks like a residence of the French Renaissance epoch was originally built for Prince Vorontsov. However, in 1882, the year after his death, the unfinished building was purchased for the Royal family. The Emperor introduced many amendments to the original design. As a result, conceived as an austere building, it evolved into a luxurious castle.   Magic peaked towers of the Castle look delightful against the background of the picturesque mountains. The beauty of the magnificent surrounding Park built in English style enhances the splendour of the Palace. Currently, there grow more than 250 species of trees and shrubs in the park. Most of them are «new-comers»: bamboo, Redwoods, Cedars, a variety of Coniferous plants. The salubrious air, produced by the fragrances of various plants, turns the Park into a genuine paradise.

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  1. The Vorontsov Palace, Alupka

At the foot of the Mount Ai-Petri plateau, the summer residence of count Vorontsov is located.  The Governor of Crimea entrusted the building of the palace to the distinguished English architect Edward Blor, who mixed in his draft project the English and Neomauritian styles.  Therefore, the Vorontsov Palace resembles a Western Medieval castle with Oriental minarets. This very trait makes it look even more brightly. Two important architectural features should be mentioned here in respect of its developing and design: the use of only local materials during its construction and the placement of the palace was wisely thought of in full harmony with the mountains shapes, making it really merged naturally into the surrounding landscape, thus gaining its unique artistic and expressive image.

vorontsovskij Vorontsovskij_dvorets_v_Alupke

  1. The Livadia Palace

The snow-white Livadia Palace is the main rival of the Vorontsov Palace for the title of the most luxurious residence in Crimea. It is the last building erected in the Russian Empire for the Romanov dynasty. As a sightseeing place, it is very popular with tourists.  Of particular interest is the palace’s White Hall, in which the Crimean meetings were held in February 1945 while hosting the Conference of Heads of the Governments of the USSR, the United States and Britain.

livadia1 livadiya-paradnyj

  1. The Stambolis Dacha

This is one of the sights of Feodosiya, which is often portrayed in various guidebooks, picture postcards, advertising leaflets as a kind of the town’s symbol. Fanciful Palace in Oriental style with marble fountains and painted walls stands in marked contrast with modern buildings of the town. The palace was built in 1914 for the Stambolis family of tobacco manufacturers.

dacha-stamboli stamboli