In Crimea, the exhibition of the German artist who has adopted Islam, was launched

The «Tatar rural school in Crimea», «Meeting the bride at a Crimean Tatar wedding», «The Tatar coffee shops at the Bazaar in Bakhchisaray», «A Room of a Crimea Tatar Village Dwellers» — these and many other reproductions of the paintings belonging to the German painter and ethnographer William Kizevetter are presented at the exhibition, which has recently been launched at the Museum of Amet-Khan Sultan in Alupka.

The artist was travelling for two years about Crimea in the middle of the 19th century. During this time he learned the Crimean Tatar language, adopted Islam, took the name of Abdullah for himself and depicted more than thirty paintings describing the life of Crimean Tatars and Gypsies.